IEI speaks on behalf of the engineering profession from all levels i.e. Locally, nationally and globally. We connects engineers on wider and significant issues ranging from water infrastructure to sustainable development. IEI co-ordinates national and international initiatives. Not only this, IEI sponsors various programmes to foster wider interest in the engineering profession amongst those who do not belong to this field that means non-engineers. IEI arise interest of non-engineers in the engineering field by highlighting its future scope and importance world wide. It publishes a large number of widely disseminated technical journals.

Our Moto

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    IEI function among professional engineers, academicians and research workers. It provides a vast array of technical, professional and supporting services to the Government.
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    Opportunities to update professional knowledge through courses conducted by IEI's Engineering Staff College of India at Hyderabad.
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    IEI offers a non-formal engineering course, the successful completion of which is officially recognized as equivalent to a degree in engineering or a post-graduate diploma leading to a master's degree.
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    To promote and advance the science practice and business of engineering in all its various disciplines.